CEO Greetings

“Daewon Global is embarking on its next 100 years offering the best performance in EV Traction Motor and seating.”

We are pleased to welcome you to our website. We want to thank you for All the support and advice you’ve offered us over the years, helping us to become today’s Daewon

Daewon Precision Industrial Co., Ltd. has been leading the Korean automobile seat industry since its foundation in 1983, growing into a seat parts specialist with unparalleled quality and technology.

We are responsible for the safety of drivers and passengers closest to us with more convenient functions, safer technology, and cutting-edge production, such as cushion frame, track, adjust, recliner, pumping device, and gearbox, which are automotive seat
safety and functional products.In addition, we are actively responding to paradigm shifts in the automobile industry by mass-producing driving motors, which are being promoted as new businesses, and are laying the foundation for global management by entering the North American market (DWPa).

We continue be an excellent client partner in EV Traction Motor and seat production.
To achieve this, all out employees are focused on developing premium quality technology.

We are dedicated to meeting client needs and establishing a customer-centered environment.
On behalf of all Daewon employees, I wish thank you once more for your support and consideration.

Thank you.

Vice Chairman Kim Jae Seok